How to find your Norton setup key

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Norton Account:
At the highest of your Norton security product window, click help > My Norton. If you can not begin your Norton setup product, you will be able to directly visit your Norton account. Log in to your account, if prompted. Under Services, choose your Norton security. Copy the Norton setup key.

Norton on-line Store:
If you have Norton downloaded from Norton on-line Store then your product setup key, or the installation instruction to get the Norton setup key & Setup File is in your confirmation email message.
Do you have a Product CD or Retailer Card we can Guide you with simple easy steps to get your product install prospectively without any waste of time. If you bought a boxed product CD on-line or at a local retail store, your setup key is within the box either on a sticker on the rear of the CD sleeve or DVD case, or written on a card within the box.

Third-party web site:
Look for the Norton setup key in an exceedingly confirmation email you received for your order.If you can not find the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam filter folder. Norton antivirus is pro installed on your PC/Laptop, In that Case check your My Documents or Documents folder to check if there is a Symantec folder. You will see together two files with your product/setup key (examples: Norton 360 Key.txt or Norton AntiVirus Key.txt). If you purchased Norton antivirus which came with a 1 year or more than a year subscription. You will be able to contact your PC manufacturer to prevail upon your setup key.
You may have an Activation PIN that you simply will get from your service supplier to activate your Norton setup. Or, You have to log in to your service supplier portal to download, installed and setup your Norton security.

Cord-Tech Computer shop:
If your Norton antivirus is purchased from Cord-Tech, Norton setup key are going to be keep in your Norton account once you complete the Norton antivirus activation. Cord-Tech additionally provides a Norton antivirus activation card or product CD which is able to have your Norton setup key written on that. If you face any problem during installing, downloading or any other problem please do call USA / Canada 1-888-254-5798.

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If you face any problem during installing, downloading or any other problem please do call USA / Canada 1-888-254-5798